The Thompson family  |  Lakeside Personal Training Studio

“My wife and I began working with Steve two and a half years ago. Steve has personally affected our physical and mental state of mind. He has helped us increase our strength, flexibility, and awareness of nutrition. Our children 12 & 15 have also been coming to our personal training sessions. Steve has helped them understand how strength training can help them further their sports accomplishments (swimming, hockey, dance & football), and the importance to dig deep to achieve results.

Much to our surprise we all began looking forward to our Saturday, family sessions, we laugh together, we support each other during difficult rep’s, we complain about our sore muscles the next day, and then curse Steve. It is a time during the week that we work together to improve our fitness while having fun as a family, something that you cannot put a price on. Thanks Steve for all of your support over the years.”


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